UNIT 101 and 103, 18 Beechwood Avenue, Ottawa ON K1L 8L9

Catalogue for Dhruvess

A culinary destination offering cuisines of India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia – cooked using authentic spices and mixes from those countries.


The story behind the name – Dhruvees

Have you ever noticed that bright, brilliant tinking star in the sky? It is always close to the moon and you can easily spot it on a clear night. It is the North Star. It is named so because it lies directly overhead when viewed from many parts of the planet.

This star has great significance in Japanese, Greek, Hawaiian and Indian cultures. In Indian mythology, the Pole Star is called Dhruva and is based on the legend of a little prince behind it.

Dhruvees is a division of Wingell Hospitality Group

And innovative Culinary concept that follows the culinary journey of the Spices Routes of history.

Our selection of dishes change with the seasons and include choices from indian, Sri Lankan, and Indonesian Cuisines. all of these cuisines are offered under one “Food Studio”.